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5 Myths to Internet Marketing.

• Jun 17th, 2012 • Category: Blog

1.Your Site Is Nothing More Than Sales Support

Your website is more than just sales support — it is your most valuable and widely seen sales tool. If your site is not your No. 1 salesperson, introduce some changes. Make sure your site has a call to action, and the contact information is easily accessible so customers can initiate dialogue. Even if your site is not ecommerce, write it with persuasion so visitors are prompted to take action.

2.  Online and Offline Marketing Are Distinct Channels

Traditional advertising and online marketing are not stand-alone silos. A very real two-way bridge exists between the two. Offline and online marketing work in synergy to produce greater results than either alone. According to a 2007 study by JupiterResearch and iProspect, two-thirds of online search users are driven to perform searches as a result of exposure to some offline channel, such as print, television, radio or billboard ads. When creating budgets, it’s important to remember it’s not an either/or situation; it’s a both/and opportunity.

3. Information Sells Products

Just because you provide information, doesn’t mean people will buy what you’re selling — especially if you’re trying to sell using dry, personality-free facts, or buzz words and insider jargon. Fresh storytelling is at the heart of compelling websites. Artfully combine design, copy, architecture and SEO using the science of persuasion and the paradigm of conversion. Include third-party validation. The more your audience can envision themselves as part of the experience, the more they to buy into it, thus buy into your company.

4. More Clients is Always Better

Business schools teach it’s a numbers game, that the pursuit of more, more, more solves all problems. But the pursuit of fewer but “better-fit” is a superior strategy, with longer term, mutually productive results. The goal is not to get as many clients as possible, but to get the right clients so they stick with you. Use specific services on the web and make sure language is appropriate for your audience. After all, what good are thousands of hits if they abandon your site soon after they land? Filter your clients. Pick the right, high-quality customers for your company. Then make sure what you promise is what you deliver.

5. Pursue New Clients Only

Sure, the hunt gets the adrenaline going. But smart businesses both hunt and farm. It costs six times as much to attract new customers as to keep existing ones, so retain and reward the ones you’ve got. For successful companies, 80 percent of revenue growth comes from existing customers. However, new business counts for 80 percent of revenue for most companies. Lost clients say they leave because they don’t feel cared for. Cultivate deep relationships and long-term loyalty with your clients. Email marketing, online surveys and event marketing are perfect for growing your current customers.

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